Frequently asked questions

Why are some areas on the map black?

There are a few causes to this,
I have not added a provider that covers that area yet,
The provider that covers that area does not report their outages online,
Or the provider that covers that area does not report outages at that detail

Why are some areas "Customers Tracked" so low.

Some providers do not report the total customers that they serve in an area.
In these cases I use the Max outages for that area as the "Customers Tracked" number.

How can I help?

There are a few things I need help with:

If you know about an Electric Provider with an outage website that has not been added to this site yet, Let me know so I can add it. Especially if I think I have already "finished" the state. You can tell I have finished a state by if it shows a county map on the state's outage page.

I can also use QA help, Poke things and let me know if you see inconsistencies, both between this site and its self and this site and the various outage web sites for the Utilities.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Reddit if you have any questions or comments.

Twitter: PowerOutage_us
Reddit: Jasonbluefire